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Laminar Flow Clean Sampling Trolley

【Laminar Flow Clean Sampling Trolley】
It is used to move the samples/items for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and electronics that mustn’t be contaminated, and can effectively prevent these items from contamination in the process of movement.

1. Organic glass
2. HEPA filter
3. Baffle
4. Wind screen
5. Observation window
6. Table
7. Fan
8. UPS
9. Operation panel
10. Pre-filter
11. Battery



    • The operating area uses stainless steel frame, with a colorless transparent glass embedded in, featuring novel structure and easy to observe
    • Rechargeable DC power supply achieves wireless trolley; work continuously for 2~3 hours after battery charging for 8~12 hours
    • Horizontal unidirectional blowing ensures that the items on every shelf are protected by clean air to prevent from contamination effectively
    • Volume variable blowing system with adjustable wind speed (high and low), featuring reliable operation and low power consumption
    • Utility power and inverter battery can be altered, which is flexible, convenient, safe and reliable
    • Differential pressure gauge is optional, which displays pressure difference between two terminals of the HEPA filter in real time
    • PAO connector is optional, to verify leakage of the HEPA filter and GMP requirement qualified or not.

Technical Parameters:



Cleanliness grade

5 (Class 100)

Filtration efficiency

≥99.99% (@≥0.3μm)

Average wind speed (m/s)


Noise (dB(A))


Power supply

~220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

Rated power


Capacitance (AH) and quantity


Workspace size (mm) (W×D×H)


Dimensions (mm) (W×D×H)


Note: Non-standard size can be customized.

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