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Class A Gel Sealed Laminar Flow Hood

Class A Gel Sealed Laminar Flow Hood

This product can provide highly clean local environment. It consists of the cabinet, fan, primary air filter, HEPA filter, lamps, uniform flow membrane and controls. It can be hung or supported on ground, featuring compact structure and easy operation. The cabinet is made of anti-fingerprinting SUS304 stainless steel, with one-piece sheet metal bent and formed, which is beautiful and clean, and easy for cleaning and disinfection.

1. Inlet flange
2. Stainless steel fuming tube
3. Centrifugal fan
4. DOP test port
5. Differential pressure gauge
6. VVVF switch
7. Gel sealed filter
8. LED light
9. Uniform flow membrane

Class-100 laminar flow hood can be used individually and multiple can be connected to create a belt of clean area. The hood makes the air pass through the HEPA filter at a certain speed to form a laminar flow moving vertically and unidirectionally to make the operation area reach the required cleanliness.
The hood can be hung or mounted with a bracket on ground. A centrifugal fan is mounted inside the hood. The fan makes the air pass through the HEPA filter under a certain pressure and through the uniform flow membrane, and then into the operation area, which ensures the operation area clean.

Technical Parameters:



Cleanliness grade:


Rated air volume:

Calculated according to the dimensions

Total power:

Calculated according to fan quantity

Total pressure:


Average illumination:


Wind speed:


Speed regulation:

Frequency Inverter or LED control

HEPA filter:

Counter flange gel sealed filter



Mounting mode:

Ceiling suspension/ground support

Air inlet direction:



Note: Non-standard size can be customized.

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