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ZKSJ-V100 VHP Generator
Comply with the online sterilization requirements of GMP-2010, suitable for clean space and equipment sterilization such as class A/B area and isolator

Product Advantages

  1. Good reproducibility of the sterilization process facilitates verification
  2. Vacuum administration in the cabin, no dead corner for sterilization
  3. Low cost for running and configuration
  4. Non-toxic and pollution-free, no damage to the equipment
  5. Short sterilization period

Technical Parameters:

    • Air flow: 0~40m3/h
    • Vaporization temperature: < 100°C
    • Administration speed: 0~5g/min
    • Power supply voltage: AC220V±22V
    • Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
    • Maximum power: 3KW
    • Noise: ≤ 62 dB (A)

H202 Concentration/Humidity Change Curve of ZKSJ-V100 VHP Generator Used for Biological Decontamination in Isolator

Biological Decontamination Process:
Step 1: Dehumidify
Reduce the relative humidity in the space to pre-set value
Step 2: Adjust
Increase quickly the concentration of hydrogen peroxide gas in the space
Step 3: Maintain
Maintain the concentration of hydrogen peroxide gas required for biological decontamination in the space
Step 4: Ventilate and residues remove
Remove the hydrogen peroxide gas and vapor in the space

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