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Sterile Test Isolator (Soft Cabin)
Sterile test isolator is mainly used in QC and R&D laboratories for sterility testing of sterile preparations and sterile API.


    • Soft cabin structure made of transparent PVC film;
    • Test cabin can be used separately or in combination with pass cabin;
    • Wear gloves or half-length isolation gowns for operation;
    • Use H14 HEPA filter and high performance centrifugal fan to maintain positive pressure in the cabin continuously;
    • The system reserves interface and valve connected to vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) generator; use VHP as the biological detergent, which has a 106 sporicidal efficacy for the air and exposed surface in the cabin;
    • Achieve sterile pass of items in different methods, such as connecting to double-door steam sterilizer, steam sterilizing pass bag, and pass cabin with RTP system;
    • The system supports two sterile testing methods: membrane filtration and direct inoculation; the pump unit of the bacteria collecting instrument used in membrane filtration is integrated into the operation platform;
    • The system uses Siemens PLC for automatic control and integrates pressure loss alarm;
    • The system integrates different interfaces, such as 25mm standard quick connector, water/gas connector, and testing connector;
    • Comply with the verification requirements of USP 1208  

Product Advantages

    • Achieve quick and simply disinfection and sterilization;
    • Automatic leak testing program for disinfection air lock and the entire operation area ensures no leakage;
    • 3 or 4 gloves operation as required;
    • This process is always controlled by the operator to maximize the safety.

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