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Sterile Pass Cabin

Provide the best solution to move raw materials from classless/low class clean areas to class A/B areas, fully meeting the control requirements of GMP-2010 on sterile manufacturing environment
ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin is used for biological decontamination on the surface of raw materials to avoid materials carrying contamination from classless/low class clean areas to class A/B areas. It is used to pass various clean and dry goods in sterile production, such as packaging materials, instrument, raw material packaging, accessories, and environmental monitoring equipment
Product Dimensions
ZKSJ-STP1500: overall dimensions (L×W×H): 1795×1200×1800mm
Chamber size (L×W×H): 1100×1100×1200mm
ZKSJ-STP600: overall dimensions (L×W×H): 1495×900×1600mm
Chamber size (L×W×H): 800×800×1000mm
ZKSJ-STP125: overall dimensions (L×W×H): 1000×880×1790mm
Chamber size (L×W×H): 500×700×500mm
Note: Other sizes can be customized.


ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) as the biological detergent to effectively kill fungi, bacteria propagules and spores, viruses, mycoplasmas and other microorganisms. VHPS is a decontamination process under low temperature and atmospheric pressure, featuring broad spectrum, high efficiency and environmental protection;
The running of ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin is controlled by SIEMENS programmable logic controller (PLC) automatically, and the system is stable and reliable;
In biological decontamination and exhaust phase, the air sent into the cabin is filtered by H14 HEPA filter to prevent materials from contamination;
ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin has independent ventilation and exhaust unit, including fan, pneumatic butterfly valve and exhaust pipe, which can quickly replace the hydrogen peroxide gas in the cabin and avoid it entering HVAC system; material inlet/outlet is of double-door structure with pneumatic sealing, pneumatic locking and two-door interlock in operating state;
The inner wall is polished, and the welding and the fillet meet GMP requirements;
ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin has a trolley-type bracket with a track system to facilitate material handling. The system monitors the temperature, relative humidity and pressure in the cabin in real time. Testing ports of hydrogen peroxide concentration, dust particles and planktonic bacteria are optional;
ZKSJ-STP sterile pass cabin features easy verification and good reproducibility, with complete IQ, OQ and PQ files, and on-site verification

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