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Negative Pressure Weighing Booth

The equipment is assembled by operation area, return air box, fan box, exhaust box and outer box. The control panel is fixed in the front side of the inner operation area to control the fan by touching the LED panel, adjust the fan condition and the air speed. A differential pressure gauge is set aside to test the resistance of the filter. The exhaust box also integrates an adjusting exhaust plate to change the exhaust volume to a reasonable range.


Working Principle:
The equipment uses vertical unidirectional air flow. The return air is pre-filtered by the primary filter to remove large dust particles in the air. Pretreated air will be filtered again by a medium efficiency filter to fully protect the HEPA filter. Under the pressure generated by the centrifugal fan, the air passes through the HEPA filter to meet the cleanliness grade. Clean air is sent to the air supply box, 90% of which passes through the uniform flow membrane to form uniform vertical airflow. 10% is discharged through the air volume control board. All air flows are processed by HEPA filter, so that both inlet air and outlet air contain no residual dusts and avoid the secondary contamination. As the unidirectional flow is formed stably in the operation area, diffused dusts following the flow can be captured by primary and medium efficiency filters. Meanwhile, 10% air exhaust volume forms a negative pressure compared with the external environment, which ensures no dusts diffuse outside, thus protect the external environment.

1. Air volume control board 6. Integrated control board
2. Gel sealed HEPA filter 7. Centrifugal fan
3. LED light 8. Waterproof socket
4. Differential pressure gauge 9. Primary filter
5. DOP test port 10. Medium efficiency bag filter



echnical Parameters:



Cleanliness grade


Rated air volume

Calculated according to the dimensions

Total power


Total pressure


Average illumination


Wind speed


Speed regulation

Frequency Inverter (adjusting the frequency)

HEPA filter

Counter flange gel sealed filter



Objects of protection

Drugs, operators, working environment

Note: Non-standard sizes can be customized.

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