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Laminar Flow Delivery Window

Laminar flow delivery window is an auxiliary equipment for clean room used to pass small items between clean room and non-clean areas or clean rooms of different grades or different pressures. On one hand, it plays as an airlock to avoid high pressure in high-grade clean rooms from releasing; On the other hand, it can achieve self-purification in the pass process to ensure that the items entering the clean area are clean and reduce cross contamination; the blowing time can be adjusted manually to maximize the self-purification and save energy.

1. Centrifugal fan             
2. Differential pressure gauge
3. Gel sealed filter        
4. Integrated control panel
5. DOP test port              
6. UV germicidal lamp
7. Diffuser plate               
8. Double tempered glass door
9. Return air primary filter

Basic Performance Requirements:

    • Cleanliness requirement in laminar flow delivery window: class B;
    • Double shell, arc treatment for inner periphery, seamless connection ensured;
    • Laminar flow designed with an upward air-sending & downward air-returning mode. The bottom is made of 304# stainless steel and punched, and integrates stiffeners;
    • Filter: G4 primary filter, H14 HEPA filter;
    • Wind speed: after HEPA filtration, wind speed at 0.38-0.57m/s (tested at 150mm below the uniform flow membrane);
    • Differential pressure function: pressure difference of the filter displayed (range: HEPA 0-500Pa/medium efficiency 0-250Pa), accuracy: ±5Pa;
    • Control function: fan on/off switch, with built-in electronic door interlock; UV lamp with an exclusive switch;
    • HEPA filter can be removed and mounted via top cabinet for easy maintenance and replacement;
    • Access hole is integrated below the delivery window for fan maintenance;
    • Noise: normal running of delivery window < 65dB;
    • Diffuse plate: made of 304# stainless steel screen

Technical Parameters:

Dimensions (mm)



Workspace dimensions (mm)



Nozzle air speed (m/s)


Air shower time (s)

Manual control

Cabinet material

Cabinet and internal wall made of SUS304# stainless steel

HEPA filter size



Filtration efficiency

(H14) 99.995%@0.3μm

Fan power (W)


Power supply


Note: Non-standard size can be customized.

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