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Laminar bed (moveable laminar disinfection cover) creates an effective and moveable clean space, which can effectively reduce the infection rate of diseases in the space. This product uses pure physical filtration technology, which won’t cause any harm to human body and the environment and can achieve ideal purification and disinfection effect. It can reduce the infection rate and protect the susceptible populations.
It is widely used in hematology, oncology, pediatrics and burns surgery, and can be used to sterilize the air when people are in the room. It is an ideal local air purification and disinfection device. The moveable laminar disinfection cover consists of HEPA filter system, fan power system, noise reduction system and operation system.
Laminar bed (moveable laminar disinfection cover) achieves the best purification and disinfection effect after putting cover on the purification and disinfection unit. In essence, the equipment purifies and disinfects local air through laminar purification. It is similar to a cover and can be moved, and thus it is called moveable laminar disinfection cover.
Working Principle:
The overall structure of the laminar bed is an effective and moveable clean space, which can effectively reduce the infection rate of diseases in the space. The top is the air purification system, surrounded by transparent anti-static plastic curtain. During working, the fan in the top inhales the ambient air, which is filtered by the purification system and sent to the working space in laminar flow mode. It also maintains positive pressure in the working space to prevent dust particles entering from external space.
l Low noise fan imported from Germany with large air volume, free of maintenance after continuous running for 50,000 hours
l Ultra-thin and seamless welded cabinet, equipped with universal casters for easy movement and handling
l Integrate primary, medium efficiency and HEPA filter, three levels of filtering protect the HEPA filter and extend its service life
l Easily assembled and moveable clean space, cleanliness in the bed reaches class 100
l Multi-speed regulation fan maintains long time running with low noise and meets the application in different conditions
l Safe and solid metal frame, transparent anti-static curtain
l 99.99% filtration efficiency, purifying air efficiently
l Purification and nursing functions combined perfectly, circulating air flow, easy movement and CPR with pure clean space.
Technical Parameters:
l Cleanliness: relative class-100, ISO class-5
l Structure: consists of powder-coated cold-rolled steel sheet, food grade transparent PVC curtain, and highly transparent PVC board
l Air speed grade: 1-2
l Air speed: 0.1-0.3m/s
l Air volume: 600-1200m3/h
l Noise: 42-45dB
l Temperature range: -50~150°C±1°C, -58~300°F±2°F
l Humidity range: 0-100%RH
l Electrical specification: AC220V, ≤300W
l Bed specification: 2050*960*530-1830 (L*W*H)
l Headboard adjusting angle: 0-90°
l CNC switch, two levels of air speed, displayed in real time
l Purification unit uses class-100 mini-pleat HEPA filter of AAF, filtration efficiency higher than 99.999%, stable, anti-aging, durable, small size, light weight, and strong controllability
l Efficient low noise EBM fan imported from Germany with large air volume, low power consumption, less heat, and service life over 100,000 hours
l No suction unit at the bed end and the soft curtain is semi-closed to maintain constant pressure in the isolation area, and completely prevents air entering from the bed end.


Go with you on the road - make the air fresh
Technical Parameters:

  1. The air outlet board in head position is in overall design. The bed bracket can be removed and placed separately, and the bottom has special fixing device
  2. Use transparent PVC shower curtain, featuring non-toxic, high transparency, easy installation and usage and durability. It solves the problems of old products such as rust of the slide rail. The cost of replacement is low.
  3. The bed bracket is in inner arc design, which can eliminate the dead space in the laminar space.
  4. The top has a PVC board with good transparency, and integrates special lighting system (can be replaced by UV disinfection system)
  5. The primary filter is in plugging design, and can be pulled out for cleaning and replacement easily.

Moveable Laminar Disinfection Cover
Type: vertical air supply (JKKX-A)

  • Noise: 38-50dB
  • Air speed: 0.15-0.35m/s
  • Control mode: touch switch of speed regulation
  • Number of bacteria colonies: 1-10 (Φ90mm*0.5h)
  • Dimensions: 2200 (L) × 1100 (W) × 1930 (H) mm
  • Cabinet dimensions: 2200 (L) × 1100 (W) × 270 (H) mm
  • Fan type: imported low noise fan
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