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Emergency Eye Washing Shower Booth

1. Water inlet
2. 6610 composite emergency eye-washer
3. Hand pressing adjustable switch
4. PVC anti-static curtain
5. Water outlet
6. Bottom Plate
7. Spraying nozzle
8. Pull type shower switch
9. Eyewash basin
10. Mesh leaking plate
1. Used to wash eyes, faces and hands
2. The ball valve of the eyewash switch starts quickly within one second
3. Shower nozzle: 120-180L/min, eyewash nozzle: 12L/min
4. Excellent resistance to oil, acid, alkaline and saline solutions
5. Suitable for usage in purification workshops of the electronic industry and the sites that require centralized treatment of sewage.
6. The air shower has shower nozzle and eyewash nozzle, and the bottom integrates water collecter and sewage port.
7. The nozzles are made of high density ABS/304 stainless steel, and integrate stainless steel filter screen inside to filter the impurities of water.
8. The eyewash basin is mounted at appropriate height, the height and the angle of the holes are designed according to face proportion, and the dual water nozzles are ergonomically designed.
9. Through pressure relief, the sprayed water flow is mild, so that the eyes and its nerves won’t be hurt by fast water flow.
10. The main body is made of 304# stainless steel with 3mm bright yellow ABS coating (including curtain and basin). It is equipped with carbon steel pedal, and hands and feet linked, making it convenient and fast. It features simple operation and solid structure

Technical Parameters:



Dimensions (mm)


Inlet size (mm) (W×D×L)


Outlet size (mm) (W×D×L)


Eyewash nozzle consumption (L/min)


Shower nozzle consumption (L/min)


Bottom plate size (mm)


Note: Non-standard size can be customized.


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