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BIBO Safe Replacing Filter Box

Product Overview
At present, people are more concerned about the pollution hazards to ourselves and the environment. For biological pharmacy, isolation rooms, biosafety facilities, and biological laboratories, we need to protect not only the operated objects but also the operators and surroundings from biological pollution. BIBO safe replacing filter box effectively prevents the pollution of radioactive gases, pathogens and toxic chemicals.

According to the classification of pollutants to be filtered and the applications, BIBO safe replacing filter box includes several functional segments, including pre-filtering, aerosol injection and uniform flow, scanning test (manual and auto scan), HEPA filtration, molecular filtration, disinfection, confined isolation, and pressure difference test; parallel and serial connection increases the processed air volume and achieves safe replacement. The leakage test and disinfection of BIBO safe replacing filter box comply with the operating practices and standards of pharmaceutical clean rooms.

BIBO safe replacing filter box can be used for filtration of vertical and horizontal air flow. It can be made of powder-coated cold-rolled steel plate, or SUS304/SUS316L seamless welded. All equipments are tested under 2500Pa positive pressure and 3000Pa negative pressure in the factory to ensure no leakage during running under positive pressure difference.



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